Every day is payday at Peeper Mint! Our token distribution is a masterclass in balance – ensuring everyone gets their fair share. Brands ignite campaigns, Distributors spread the fire, and Liquidity Providers fuel the engine. Together, we create an economy of excitement and fairness.

  1. Campaigns that pay:

    • Central to our ecosystem is the distribution of Peeper tokens through campaigns. Through , anyone can create a marketing campaign utilising Peeper Mint unique Social Mint mechanisms.

    • Campaign creators need to deposit Peeper tokens to be paid as rewards, as well as pay a fee, also in Peeper tokens, to launch the campaign.

    • Deposited tokens are distributed to participants.

    • Campaign fees are burned 🔥 (more about it below).

  2. Stakeholder Roles:

    • Campaign Creators (formerly Brands/Products/Projects): These entities ignite the Peeper Mint ecosystem by launching campaigns. They use Peeper's unique Social Mint mechanism, burning Peeper tokens to kickstart their promotional endeavors.

    • Social Amplifiers (formerly Distributors): These individuals are the heartbeat of our campaigns, spreading the word through tweets and retweets. Their enthusiasm and reach directly contribute to the vibrancy of each campaign.

    • Peeper Liquidity Guardians (formerly Liquidity Providers/Promoters): Providing a robust financial backbone, they contribute to the liquidity pools, with incentives structured to reward longer-term commitments and active campaign periods.

  3. Campaign Dynamics:

    • Token Burning by Campaign Creators: To launch a campaign, creators burn a predetermined amount of Peeper tokens. The burning mechanism is frequently and carefully re-calibrated to ensure a sustainable, deflationary pressure on the token supply.

    • Diverse Campaign Models: Campaigns can vary in duration, format, and rewards, catering to a wide array of promotional needs and strategies. This flexibility keeps the ecosystem dynamic and engaging.

  4. Incentivising Participation:

    • Early Access for Token Holders: Peeper token holders are given the privilege of early notification for new campaigns, allowing them a head start in participating and earning rewards.

    • Long-Term Holder Incentives: Additional mechanisms, like bonus shares for consistent participation, are in place to reward and encourage long-term holding.

    • NFT Integration: Exclusive access to special NFT collections, with holder scores based on quantity and duration of token holding.

  5. Creating Scarcity and Value:

    • Innovative Scarcity Mechanisms: Features like "streak mode" vaults, where users deposit tokens to earn bonuses for continuous participation, and the deployment of other gamified elements, are designed to cultivate a scarcity mindset, enhancing the token's value.

    • Staking Vaults with time-locked periods with varying ARR, these vaults encourage long-term holding while reducing token circulation, enhancing token value.L

    • Liquidity Provider Vaults, with extra benefits, incentivise holders to provide liquidity to Peeper pools, and lock their LP tokens for a variable amount of time.

    • NFT collections and traits capture tokens from the market. NFTs and traits need to be acquired with Peeper tokens. Holding certain NFTs and traits will open doors to other exclusive benefits.

    • Re-enforcing mechanism: Various of the mechanisms above work in conjunction, incentivising, and rewarding, holders even more if they participate in multiple of them.

    • Vesting Periods to Prevent Dumping: Minted tokens are subject to a vesting period, a strategic move to prevent market dumping and to promote a stable, growing ecosystem.

    • Privileged Access: Token holders enjoy early access to new campaigns and exclusive holders-only campaigns.

    • User-Generated Campaigns: Holders receive discounts on launching their campaigns, adding a creative dimension to token utility.

  6. How tokens are issued?

    • A Total initial issuance of Peeper Tokens: pre-sale, public sale (or launchpad on Cex), team, etc.

    • Staking and LP vaults may mint a a small % as a reward for staking and LLP (Peeper/WETH) tokens deposited.

Closing Thoughts

Peeper Mint's tokenomics is a carefully crafted system designed to balance incentivization with sustainability. By aligning the interests of different stakeholders and introducing innovative mechanisms to maintain token value, Peeper Mint is poised to redefine the intersection of social media engagement and cryptocurrency.

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