FAQs: Your Questions, Our Answers

  1. How do I claim my Peeper tokens?

    • Easy! Just head to our app, check your balance, and click 'Claim'. Your tokens will be transferred to your linked Ethereum wallet.

  2. Why should I hold Peeper tokens?

    • Holding Peeper tokens opens doors to exclusive campaign access, increased earning potential, and a chance to shape our platform's future. It's not just about rewards; it's about being part of a digital revolution.

  3. Can I participate in multiple campaigns at once?

    • Absolutely! The more campaigns you engage with, the more you can earn. Just make sure to follow each campaign's guidelines.

  4. What happens if I don't have a crypto wallet?

    • No worries! You can participate in campaigns and accumulate tokens. We recommend setting up a wallet eventually, as you'll need one to claim your tokens.

  5. Are there plans to expand beyond Twitter?

    • Yes, we're aiming to integrate with other social platforms like Discord, Instagram and TikTok, and others, broadening your opportunities to earn and engage.

  6. What makes Peeper Mint different from other crypto platforms?

    • Peeper Mint uniquely blends social media activity with cryptocurrency rewards, offering a one-of-a-kind platform where your online engagement is directly rewarded.

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