Getting Started with Social Minting - Step-by-Step Guide

Begin your rewarding journey with Peeper Mint, where promoting campaigns translates into earning tokens:

  1. Discover Campaigns: Find the latest campaigns to promote on our website, Twitter, or through our Telegram announcements channel. More channels are being developed and will be deployed soon.

  2. Engage in Promotion: Actively participate by tweeting, mentioning and sharing about these campaigns.

  3. Earn and Claim Your Tokens: Visit our app ( to upload your proof of social mint, check your balance and claim your tokens.

No matter your level of crypto expertise, Peeper Mint is designed to be user-friendly. If you're new to crypto wallets, we're here to help you set up and start claiming your rewards. Join us in this innovative approach, where promoting campaigns is both impactful and rewarding!

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