Unleashing the Power of Social Engagement

Embark on a journey with Peeper Mint, where your social media engagement becomes your greatest asset. Peeper Mint not just another platform, but a groundbreaking digital social marketing mechanism. Born from the idea of transforming social interactions into rewards, Peeper Mint bridges the gap between dynamic brand promotion and individual online activity. Here, every tweet, post, mention and share translates into Peeper tokens – your key to unlocking a world of opportunities. Join Peeper Mint as we redefine the essence of social media, turning your digital footprint into real-world value. No matter how big or small is your online presence, Peeper Mint opens you to a whole new way of digital social marketing. Peeper Mint allows anyone to create a new breed of social digital marketing campaigns which foster real interaction, from real people. You Welcome to the future of social media monetisation, welcome to Peeper Mint! Ah, here is how we call things around here: Peeper: from the verb "'To peep' is to take a quick, secret glance at something.") is Peeper Mint's mascot.

Peeps (various noun definitions)

  1. Noun. You all, our community members, are "peeps" (from "'Peeps' is slang for friends. An example of peeps are the people that someone hangs out with all the time!)

  2. Noun. A specific contribution, e.g. a Tweet in Twitter, a Mention in Telegram, a comment with mention in Instagram.

To Peep (verb)

  1. To take action in a Peeper Mint campaign, e.g. in Twitter, the act of tweeting, etc.

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